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EZ-Panel, Panel Mount kit for CT-1000

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The purchaser indemnifies Bad Apple Automation, LLC of any and all liability in the use and installation. The purchaser has sole responsibility for the use and installation. This product is for experimental purposes only.


The EZ-Panel allows you to mount the CT-1000 as a panel mount. Applications include mounting on existing pellet burning devices and on exisitng panels using a rough opening, while giving a finished look. The EZ-Panel is designed around a double gange outlet box and can be used to mount main power switches, auger On/Off Switches, etc. The unit is pre drilled and tapped for 6-32 mounting screws that come with the CT-1000. (4) corner holes are provided to attach the EZ-Panel to your enclosure using (4) self tapping screws, supplied with the EZ-Panel.


First locate where you want to mount the CT-1000. Make sure you have an enclosed cabinet that can be used for 120 volt AC electrical connections. Then cut a 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" rough opening.
EZ_Panel Rough Opening

Locate the EZ-Panel over the rough opening. Make sure the panel is centered and does not interfer with the (4) 6-32 mounting holes.
EZ-Panel Location

Finish the installation of the Ez-Panel with the supplied (4) self drilling and tapping screws. You wil need a 1/4 hex drive, not supplied.
EZ_Panel mounting
EZ_Panel mounting

Follow the instructions for installing the CT-1000

EZ_Panel mounting

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