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CT-1000 Mount

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The purchaser indemnifies Bad Apple Automation, LLC of any and all liability in the use and installation. The purchaser has sole responsibility for the use and installation. This product is for experimental purposes only.


The CT1000 Mount allows you to mount a Double Gang outdoor electrical box using the (4) corner holes on the back of the the electrical box.

Please note: as outlined in the CT-1000 product documentation, the CT-1000 has not been tested for outdoor applications. Mounting in an Outdoor electrical enclosure is for aesthetics ( it look good). Outdoor applications require an additional enclosure to protect it from moisture. Application include welding to the Hooper Stand shown in Building Your Own Pellet Stove/Smoker. The mount is made of 16 gage steel has four courner mounting holes, spaced 3.850" apart, and a 7/8" diameter center hole, for electrical connections out the back of the box, if needed for your application. The mount is design to present the CT-1000 at a 40 degree angle. It comes unpainted, as you will weld it in place and paint it to your desired color.


First locate where you want the mount. The holes pattern is away from the weld. Tack weld it in place and verifiy the location before final welding to your frame. Mount the electrical box using the four holes on the back of the box, you may want to tap the holes or use self tapping screws, not supplied.

Location on Frame

Follow the instructions for installing the CT-1000

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