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Bad Apple Automation, LLC
High Performance Pellet Feeding and Burning Equipment

It's Your Choice

Our products are modular. You choose which products are best for your application. Maybe you only need a CT-1000 control. Or you want to build your own control, but use the AU-90 feed Auger. Buy one, buy all, it's up to you. Our goal is provide components at a reasonable price so you can experiment.

No Telephone Calls

It is difficult to compete in a world market without being very effiecent in all aspects of business. Accepting telephone calls is very time consuming and costly. In order to keep our cost low and keep our prices reasonable, we have decided not to accept telephone calls. There are many Amish in our area and it is evedent that they get more work done by not answering telephone calls. Now, we are not Amish, but we need to utilize both today's technology as well as old ways to be efficent. It is all about efficency to stay in business.

Order by Mail Only

No walk in sales
Closed to public ( Our secret Lair where we build and test)

Built in the USA

Our vendors are all local. In order to compete in the world market, we have to produce locally and in house to control all costs, as well as market directly to you. We are committed to creating jobs in the USA.

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